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Valuation – “taxatie”

For obtaining a Dutch mortgage you need a valuation report (or Taxatie in Dutch), made by a certified broker and certified by a validation institute like NWWI. We can make such a report for you.

Valuation of properties in Almere

In a valuation report we determine the current value of the house. Our independent brokers look at important elements of the property like location, state of maintenance, size and lay-out. Then our brokers research the development of the current housing market in the area. Based on this data a comprehensive report is drawn up.

We valuate existing as well as new build properties in Almere and Lelystad.


All of our prizes include taxes (VAT). Payment through direct debit

Standard Valuation Report € 450,-

  • Simplified valuation report
  • Valuated by certified broker
  • To use in the event of:
    • Divorce
    • Determining market value for inheritance
    • Determining market value for personal use

Validated valuation report from € 499,- (for apartments and new builds the prize increases)

  • Comprehensive valuation report
  • Valuated by certified broker
  • Certified by validation institute NWWI / TaxateursUnie / TVI / Stenv
  • To use in the event of:
    • Applying for a mortgage (with or without NHG)
    • Divorce
    • Appeal against the WOZ-value (value of the house used for property tax)
    • Determining market value for inheritance

When do you need a valuation report that’s certified by validation institute?

A validated valuation report is certified by an independent organisation. They check if the report complies with the requirements set by the WEW (guarantee fund for privately owned houses). You will need a validated report for almost all financial intuitions. When applying for a mortgage you will need a validated valuation report for example. Your advisor or intermediary knows which kind of report you need.

When going through a divorce or when a property is part of an inheritance the demands of the report can differ depending on the situation. Your Legal advisor or notary usually knows which kind of valuation report you need.

How much time do we need to provide the valuation report?

We provide you with a valuation report quickly! After the appointment to view the house we need about one week to deliver the report. For new build projects this takes a little longer, approximately two weeks.

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