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Using an Expat Broker

Buying a house in a country that is not your own means dealing with customs, laws and a language your not familiar with. A real challenge. An Expat Broker from Van Westrhenen Makelaardij at your side means that we will help you overcome those challenges. We inform you, take work of your hands and provide translation and explanation.

Helping you with Dutch legal terms

Ontbindende voorwaarde, opstalrecht, erfdienstbaarheid, vragenlijst, lijst van zaken. Just a few Dutch words that you will encounter when buying a property. Dutch Law requires all legal documents regarding the sale of a property to be in Dutch. There are some standard translations but they are often not customized. Even when translated, what does it all mean? What are your rights, what will be your obligations? What should you do when the house has (hidden) defects? What may seem to you as a confusing mess, is standard for us. We research the house, we check all documents and then explain everything to you. Our goal is that you know exactly what your buying so you can make an informed decision.

Buying a house for the right price

Currently a lot of houses in Almere sell above the asking price and are sold very quickly. You are asked to make a decision fast. You can only view the house at the open house, a second viewing is often not possible and you are asked to make an offer within a few days. There is very little time to think about the offer you wish to make and determine whether or not that is a reasonable price to pay for the property. We help you determine the value of the house and advise you on an offer. Because we know the real estate market of Almere like no other, we can do this quickly and adequately.

A shortage of houses and a lot of prospect buyers

Almere is currently a very popular city to buy a house. Prices increase rapidly. How do you make sure you can view a house and that the selling broker takes you seriously? Hiring an expat broker to represent you can help you with that. We have easier access than you may get yourself. We have a big network in Almere and other brokers know we are a professional and diligent company. This will automatically reflect back on you and you will be seen as a reliable buyer.

In short

It would be wonderful if you choose us to advise you when buying a property. We guide you from the first viewing of the house to the transfer of ownership at the notary. Even afterwards, if you find any defects or have questions regarding the house we are available for you.

Interested in our services and want to meet us before you commit? Make an appointment with us!

Expat Broker
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